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Wind Assessment

Wind analysis reports provide crucial information regarding the adverse effects of wind.
These assessments are generally focused upon non-tornadic, straight-line winds associated with storms or the ambient environment.

  • The most comprehensive wind assessment
  • Determine wind characteristics
  • Rapid report creation and distribution



Extensive assessment
Our wind reports assist clients in determining the general wind characteristics at a given location and period of time. Through expert analysis using meteorological data including archived wind observations, radar data and other weather data sources, we are capable of producing the most comprehensive wind assessment required to fulfill the needs of any client. Our meteorologists are often called upon to provide more extensive wind assessments when, for example, it is not clear whether winds were tornadic or non-tornadic.


Wind Reports are used for such basic needs as estimating wind speeds near a location based on a nearby sensor or for more complicated cases where you need to know if winds were tornadic or straight-line.

  • Utilize one or many sensors depending on your location and needs
  • Include Local Storm Reports of severe wind and wind damage to suppliment the wind data if desired
  • Can use radar data if needed to determine if winds were likely tornadic or straight-line

Most address-specific wind reports fall under standard pricing. Please contact one of our special weather verification experts as each circumstance of wind may differ depending on the circumstances of the event and that events proximity to wind sensors. Contact us if you have a specific need.


All custom reports are based upon the effort to put together the report.  Most single peril reports start at $300.  All reports are quoted before we start and we will not exceed the effort quoted.

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