Wind Reports

Estimate wind speeds near a location based on a nearby sensor or, for more complicated cases, where you need to know if winds were tornadic or straightline.

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Winter Reports

Determine if conditions were right for any mode of winter weather to help you make decisions about property claims, slip & falls, or other legal matters.

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Rain Reports

Verify rainfall at a given location for a specific period, including estimated rainfall rates, total accumulation amounts, and type of rainfall.

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Fog Reports

Confirm the presence of fog, mist or haze conditions at a specific location, along with duration and severity of the event.


WDT’s Weather Verification Custom Reports are designed to help you make the right decisions in regard to your specific weather-related case. Our litigation tested custom weather reports can be as simple as retreieving temperature and precipitation observations, or could include an in depth assessment of radar data to create an estimate of precipitation for a location that may not have rain gauges. There is no weather phenomenon we cannot investigate. Contact us to discuss your case today!

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