About WDT Weather Verification

    Founded in 2000, Weather Decision TechnologiesĀ® is a high technology leader in the weather industry, providing life-safety applications and weather decision support services and systems to our partners and customers. WDT pioneered the development of proprietary Hail Detection and Hail Prediction Algorithms that integrates National Weather Service, NEXRAD Doppler Radar Data and observed hail, providing a statistically reliable data-set to determine hail size and hail fall.

    In 2013 WDT expands the technology lead with patent pending Dual-Pol radar algorithms to further refine hail detection.

    In 2013, Verisk Climate became our exclusive distribution partner of hail, wind and lightning data for the global insurance and restoration industries.

    In May 2014, Verisk Climate and WDT launch Benchmark<sup>TM</sup> Web, the next generation of weather forensics analysis for claims.

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